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sh!thawks...on parade: written on a smoke pack

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i don't use a flash that much.

im getting annoyed that all that's keeping me from relaxing are 1500 stupid words.

you ever have those tv shows that you really like, but never seem to catch, but when you do you swear they're some of the best tv you ever watch even though you hardly watch it, you don't know jack about the story line, and you can't remember who all the characters are? yes. I know. it happens all the time. and I don't even watch that much tv anymore. i'm speaking of course about Billable Hours. it's pretty much genius but I have no idea when it's on. well, ok, I do now because the website has it handily displayed right here... either way, it's genius.

we've all been assigned our thesis supervisors for next year and mine is the one prof we never had for any class at all this year so I have no idea what he's like other that the fact that he's the one with the biggest beard. when you think Professor With Beard, you are thinking of my thesis super. we're all in capstone (the fancy name they gave our thesis...I dont know why) groups, so on Monday I have to go to my very first of many capstone group meetings THEN have an individual meeting with JK THEN have a lunch meeting with other prof JR who is the one who organized the Desh job and then go try and score a decent seat for my flight home on tuesday.

and still there's that damn tax reform to do. again. it's staring me down. I tried to stare back. I lost. damn, now I lost.

i think that when regular old Times font starts to look wrong, you've been writing far too much.

written on a smoke pack


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