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so our last class of our first semester yesterday actually ran late. and then i sat in here for a few hours and hammered out more of a final paper. then went to watch the oilers make the canucks get booed at. now im back in here. been here for a few hours now. i got that paper done and out of the way cause my prof for that class happened to walk in to see how everyone was doing and i just handed it to him.
were that the last one I had to hand in, like i'd thought at first, I'd be relaxing at home now. but i'm not. i get to completely rewrite my paper on tax reform because after the last two classes of econ it's just not going to cut it. lame.
you know the stupid thing about it is that it's only a 2500 words paper but it's probably the biggest pain in the ass topic wise I've had in a few years. i'd like to get the thing out of the way tonight, don't know if that'll happen and i'm not really sure I want to sit in here all damn night when I still have all weekend to stretch it out.
i just went to get my last Issues paper back. got an A. i'd be happier if I didnt have a table covered in articles on tax efficiency in front of me.

this is only what you make of it


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