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sh!thawks...on parade: bracing curtains

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i dont feel good. i didn't get much sleep. the only few moments ive felt good today are those few moments where you're half awake and everything is warm and comfortable. and then you move and you fuck that up nicely.
i made it through the first half of econ this morning, and then through a hazy, headache ridden thought process decided that I couldn't leave without telling my prof that i do not feel well and i will be vacating. she was fine with that and even went so far as to say that yes i look terrible and kind of puffy have you been sleeping alright?
i came home and was out solid. short, strange dreams. i slept/dozed maybe three hours. i dont want to sleep all day because i need to do work on a paper and i'd like to be able to sleep tonight.
i have things dimmed because my eyes are not enjoying bright things right now.
on my way home the world was synced up with my ipod.

bracing curtains


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