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believe me when i say that it's essential that you all immediate go out right now to see Horton Hears a Who. really. no joke.

Horton Who'd and awkward safeway cake was had for the Neon Tiger's birthday last night even though it's really tomorrow.

i had weird dreams last night about buildings and skytrains and tracks and sharks and tigers and it played out like a movie and was really very strange.

i have parts of sentences floating around in my head that i'd like to write down as lyrics but they aren't all there yet so i don't know how.

ive been feeling uninspired lately. there's not that much left to do in the semester. not much to read, not that much to write. i could probably have some final essays done this week, two weeks before they're due, but I just keep staring at the papers and not moving. maybe it's because i know i'll get them all done regardless which either way would just leave me with the same amount of time to sit around wondering what's left to be done.

when someone asks what super power i'd want if i could ever have one, usually i say the ability to not have to sleep ever and always feel rested because imagine how much you'd get done. i was thinking about that on my home last night and thought, no, you'd probably get pretty bored with life if that were the case.

im going to go fail at trying to be even a little bit productive now.

Hobbits don't hate


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