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sh!thawks...on parade: two cents for a day's walk

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i listened to the Headstones all day. not these jackasses that stole the name and logo, the real headstones. there are few bands i regret not having seen live more than this one.

yesterday i never left the house. at all. never went outside. i sat in here and finished a paper. and then after i was done, i stayed in here some more.

so today, i did not stay in here and do a paper. i walked down streets i'd never been down and took pictures of things i'd never seen before. sometimes all you need to do to feel normal again is point yourself in a direction and just keep walking. and when you run out of road, turn left and keep going. when you do this, never look at the world like you would on any other day. on these days it's important to look at the world and realize that it's all the same but all different at the same time. if you take a step forward, it might be the same sight, but it's not the same perspective.

two papers to go, homeward bound for a week, back for two, then off i go into the wild blue.

two cents for a day's walk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How I miss the headstones, do you think a petition could bring them back? I have high hopes.

12:09 PM  

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