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sh!thawks...on parade: excellence has no bearing

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now the words are lost, floating off in the ether of some none existent plane, once thought never to be said. only to be recognized with the nod of the head and a wave of the hand.
tree tops with spires casting their glare down upon us and the shadows deepen with the pull of the air.
they are lost upon us, always searching in the wrong places for the things we hope most to find, yet never wish to see.
reflections in a window, too close to know, too far to judge. is this wisdom, or just wise to ignore? and the shadows grow more. dinner is cold, it's been waiting too long. the door remains shut, still standing, still guarding, still empty.
not thinking about a care in the world, but the world is too loud and speaks all at once. a flitting thought, a spark of some far off glint in the eye that casts doubt on how far the shadows have really come. left thinking of you thinking of me and then off again, off to the top of some unknown, some unseen, some unthinkable part of everyday understanding.
the bus is late again. the traffic's stalled again. the world stops at every instance when we are dismayed at what leaps up out of the plain and dreary ground. it's never a place we thought we would be.
and the shadows deepen, welcomed by the nod of the head.

excellence has no bearing


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