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sh!thawks...on parade: and oh my god how the mountain came down

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good god what a waste of a day it's been so far. i got shat for sleep, had to convince myself it was worth getting up to go to class, only to get there and have our prof take two hours to tell us she has nothing to really tell us today.

yeah, thanks.

still with the odd dreams, only this time they were almost in 3D it seemed and for a bit I was convinced I was an ant named Fred.

waking up in the morning after strange. not generally helping the fact that i've been feeling off kilter lately.

it's green day. hurray? i'm sitting my ass down and forcing myself to do work instead.

everyone go say happy birthday to the leprechaun.


let's add to the list shall we? the laundry machine has now ceased functioning while full of water and soap and all my clothes in it.

and oh my god how the mountain came down


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