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today a bunch of us sighed a collective groan as we all came to the conclusion that yes, it was friday night and we were locked up in a windowless computer lab trying to figure out what the fuck button you're supposed to click in the newest version of Excel to make something happen.
if you need a strait forward example of why anything Vista sucks, look no further than the updated Office software. hoooooooooly fuck. it's like they were intentionally trying to make people have spaz attacks trying to use it.

i figured out that on any given day i have no more than four hours of class but i average pretty close to 10 or 11 hours at school, even on days when i dont have class and weekends. and people ask me how i get things done so quickly....

i almost feel caught up with everything due next week after today. one group meeting on sunday morning and a but of another brief to write and that's that for at least a week.

i really wish i could find some Bob Ross on dvd. because i'd totally buy all 27 seasons. honestly who wouldnt? the man is a pretty much the greatest person ever to exist period.

nickles and knives


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