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i walked maybe a third of the way around stanley park on the seawall today. then i got home and pretty much crashed at 4:30.
i also just found out that i might be getting free accommodations in Dhaka this summer thanks to my prof who's setting everything up.
tomorrow is the Superbowl and honestly i dont really give a crap. i never watch the NFL, or the CFL for that matter. here's how little i really pay attention to the NFL...dario phoned me a while ago to ask the score for the Giants game, and i went to look at baseball scores.
when i was on the seawall i stopped for a second and realized that in three months or less i'll be gone around the world. it's weird how when you phrase things like that it seems like a longer or shorter amount of time. like, if i were to say "im going in the summer" it seems like it's farther away than if i say "by the end of april".
im kind of hoping that all these little "oh shit" moments are all going to offset a rather large one when i step through the gate when i head out. you know, get it all out of the way bit by bit before hand.
also, i'll probably end up asking this a few times in the net few months, but if you want a postard or letter or whatever mail wise from The Desh (im totally calling it that forever) send me your infos.

i don't know, pretend to know, i dont know where you think you are


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