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New Romantic
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i made the mistake of looking up Vancouver Coastal Health Travel clinic vaccination lists in class today.
so after i sat there stunned for about 40 minutes and bailed on the guys having a quick lunch and coming home shaking i had to lay down for a while.
yeah, i told you, needles and me, not a good mix.
and then against all the little screams of terror and paranoia in my head i called the travel clinic and booked a consultation for the 18th. im not sure if that means i'll be getting shot up with a bunch of shit that day too or not. thankfully it's during our research break so i dont have to worry about flipping out and missing class.
i told the lady on the phone to please red flag my appointment as "very very afraid."

so now im at home trying to find data on the economic impacts of a carbon tax applied to the Alberta economy. you'd think that'd be easy...

tonight there's a grad social downtown. we started organizing it last semester before we all realized that this particular week we'd have three major assignments to do and honestly, not enough time to get them done. this morning walking into class was a round of "did you do an of the readings?" and the general consensus is "fuck no, are you kidding? who has time to do readings with all these stupid things due?" maybe not in those exact words but whatever.

alcohol and ecstasy, marijuana, vicodin, valium, nicotine


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