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i came to a terrible realization yesterday as i was standing in a large geek shop with everett. due to my being overseas in the summer im not going to be able to pick up half of the next run of the Dark Tower series. thankfully ej offered to put them on his pull list. it kind of sucks really. i waited four or five months for the new run to start only to have to wait until next fall to actually see it to its completion.

what great priorities i have, hey?

i was having some pretty uber weird dreams last night. in fact im pretty sure there were at least three distinct ones all happening at the same time. you ever think about the scale of your dreams? like, if you could describe them geographically how large of an area they'd have to encompass to fit them in? i usually have dreams that feel really wide open, like you're looking at a city from the air. i dunno, thats about the best comparison i can come up with.

it;s nice out so i should probably drag my sorry ass outside and do something. and that'll most likely end up turning into either going to school to start on our analysis assignment or i'll wait til i get home and start then.

the French version of Fiest:

iTunes needs to update faster because it still doesn't have this album up. which is annoying because im actually going to have to say, as much as i have recently come to know who Fiest is and liker her stuff, i like Jeanne Cherhal better. smack in the middle of the iPod full of metal, industrial, blues and rock.

sign on the road says take us to Madré


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