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i ordered swiss chalet and it made me think of you and i sitting on the ground on the ninth floor trying to decide what to have for dinner, and desperately trying to find somewhere, anywhere, that would deliver chinese food and when that didnt work the chicken saved the day and we had a meal in plastic containers with rolls that once had a friend live in your purse for a month from the first day we met and were hustled off to dinner with your parents and relatives with me invited because i fixed your internet when you moved in. and i smiled this morning when you texted me asking if i would be safe and go somewhere not so far away and i answered with a promise that i'll be safe. their gravy still tastes the same. i'll never be able to eat swiss chalet again without thinking about that night and smiling at the thought. i still have your pictures up to remind me everyday, but even being able to look at those, see you smile in them, remember where some were taken, that gravy reminds me more. i might say that's odd if it weren't for the fact that it made me smile and miss you even more.

like spinning plates


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