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sh!thawks...on parade: Tossing Salad in Lava

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Tossed Salad broke out another killer session last night. As did the recent offshoot Lava Street Studios. the main difference being the bassist but whatever. there are way more pictures but i dont have them all. yet.
im not sure what happened video wise...which is too bad considering there were some pretty stellar licks going on.

now it's sunday and it's sunny and warm out, and i might be asking myself, self, what are you/i doing sitting in your/my room when you/i could be out walking around snapping more pictures of things you/i find interesting? indeed self, why is it that you/i have pretty much yet to leave your/my kitchen and room on a day such as today? could it be that you/i are begrudgingly thinking of getting some of your/my work done? or could it be that you/i are just too lazy to do anything because you have a week off class and you/i feel that you could really do with at least one more day of sitting on your/my ass doing fuck all and then attacking your/my work tomorrow?

i wrote that with a british accent in my head, so you know....when you read it, you should add some inflection there.

you ever have that happen? you're sitting around, or even doing work, but you get to this point where it's either so monotonous or boring that you just start randomly talking outloud in a fake accent? i tend to bust out entirely in french on those occasions. there has to be at least two people for a russian accent to show up.

my sister bought herself her very first vehicle last week. none of this used car for first car business. nope. brand spankin' new. im pretty proud of her for it. she probably has the whole thing paid for already.

im also going out on a limb and saying that swirls do not affect epileptics. but dont quote me on that. if they're blinking AND swirling then im probably wrong. either way, i lost my train of thought.

Tossing Salad in Lava


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