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Things You Need To Be Productive: Or How I'm Spending My Day:

1. Large piles of paper all over the table.
2. Several pens spread all over the table.
3. A bottle of water.
4. Jelly Beans.
5. Mini chocolate doughnuts that were to be eaten last night but never got around to being eaten.
6. Several choices of rolling chairs.
7. A white board and markers on which to write random thoughts having nothing to do with your work at all.
8. A laptop that doesn't run on Vista.
9. Headphones.
10. A season of Bob Ross.
11. Other people in the room to make fun of.
12. Some random Korean chocolate bar that looks like a turd.
13. Several time keeping pieces with which you can check the time in several different ways.
14. Plugins that work.
15. The motivation that the more you get done, the more you can play guitar hero later.


i finally left after 7 hours of sitting in the same chair. and now i am home. and according to the doctor who gave me a piece of paper for a bunch of little pills i am supposed to try one to see what they do before i go in Thursday for a first round of vaccinations. i took one about 40 minutes ago. i wasn't really sure to expect seeing as how im generally not personally in favour of taking sedatives, but considering the gong show that would be thursday without them, i'll make an exception. it's not bad. i can still function. it's more of a smooth spaced out feeling. for a while it felt like i was sitting in a room full of pillows. nice. i think i'll walk across the street and get a pizza. i know that's not making the est use of things i have in the fridge, but really, after staring at memos and program costs all goddamn day i just dont feel like waiting around for food to cook/boil/fry/ whatever.

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