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i feel i have accomplished much today. however, i have thrice come to realizations about my econometrics project that has left me going ""
the first involved the realization that there are far too many border crossings between canada and the us and inputting all road crossings into excel one by one is a pain in the ass.
the second involved the realization that, since switching to a cross sectional study, using a floating exchange rate as an independent variable will not work, followed by a trip to the profs office who also admitted to not having thought of that previously. this has resulted in a long an rather math heavy way around this issues.
the third involved the realization that because i have decided to use distance to a city as another variable, i now have to calculate that for 81 separate border crossings.
the good news, this is the only assignment i have left to work on for the next five days.
the bad news. see above.
also, someone ate what remained of my leftover pizza.

dont do what donny did didnt not do


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