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sh!thawks...on parade: either way, you're going to get diarhea

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i wore a button up shirt today. untucked. that's about as fancy as it's gonna get.i also get to pretend im Ed Stelmach today and tell all the other provinces to stop bitching at us unless they want an economic slowdown. should be fun.

it's gotten to the point where i think i spend so much time at school that i actually forget when anything starts or ends. case in point, this morning before class i went to tell doug i had to go down to the clinic at noon to talk to them about stuff for the Desh and he said no problem and it wasnt until halfway through class i remembered that class ends a half hour before that. and then i couldnt remember if econ started at 12:30. or 1:00. or 1:30. it actually starts at 1:15. swing and a miss.

there were a lot of people missing from this mornings class, and it felt really low key and i spent way too much time fucking around on flickr. i did contribute though. added some nice fuel to the discussion about the cost benefit analysis of the expansion of the Sea to Sky highway. im good like that.

happy candy hearts day.

either way, you're going to get diarhea


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