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sh!thawks...on parade: baseball, strippers and guns

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i started and finished our assignment that's due friday today. now i cant decide what to do. options i have are stay home, eat mini chocolate doughnuts and watch Clone High, or go downtown for Margarita Monday.
i think i accomplished enough today to merit some down time tonight.
the only thing is that my stomach is growling at me. in that way where you know you'd think it would stop but then you go out and your laughing and having a good time, and then right out of the blue, it makes the loudest, growliest, weirdest, wettest, digestion sounds ever and everyone notices, but they're polite and pretend not to notice and you're all fucking embarassed because you know they noticed and you shift around uncomfortably hoping you're wrong and they didnt notice but they totally did.
i came up with another song i like. i'll record it later.

baseball, strippers and guns


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