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sh!thawks...on parade: and im thinking i think too much

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how does one capitalize on a Snow Day? by shirking any previous responsibility to head outside for a snow fight that turns into a fort construction process with dwarfish little helpers from Johannesburg.

i left my place and as soon as i got outside i got all excited that it was a snow day and was pretty much running down the street thinking "SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY" in my head. i met jayme and jill over in north van to throw snow. and the fort. and of course flavoured hot chocolate.

and then off to chill out with Phaedra for a bit. neither of us had talked to each other on Duane's photowalk (who's having a blog war right now) so it was cool to just chill out and wonder about random stuff for a while.

now im eating pasta and listening to the oilers game.

i'll probably look up some alternative sources other than our readings for our Politics overnighter tomorrow later. and that'll turn into xfiles, but thats ok, i feel productive lately.

Stompin' Tom is not a Leafs Fan:

and im thinking i think too much


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