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i fucking hate math. as a corollory, i fucking hate math that has to do with economics.
i have a econ assignment due wednesday that consists of five questions. our prof has taught us how to do one out of the five. four out of the five are on matrial we haven't even covered yet.
what the fuck is up with that? it anoys the shit out of me when they do something like that. you know, i get that practicing it makes you understand it more, but i'd think that it's kind of a blow to morale of 99% of the people taking the class when they feel like complete retards when they try to do the assignment and look at the single example in the book as though it explains everything only to discover that you just wasted a whole hour trying to do one question that cant possibly be done yet.


fuck econ.

on to the 400+ pages of Analysis and Issues readings.

i hear shopping carts


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