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sh!thawks...on parade: today's show is brought to you by the letter B

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B! Big!

B! Bad!

B! Bullshit!

B! Betraeus!

alright, know before you go "learn how to spell!" think about it for a sec. IF you had a cold it would start with a B! and IF you say it with a B! it sounds liiiiiiike BETRAY US!!!

ok kids, what other B! words can we all think of to describe the report or the man who gave the report to the joint hearing of the House Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees? let's go around the room!

B! Bitch! B! Balls! B! Buttfucker! B! Boffo! B! Beeeeeewwwwwwwwbs!!! B! Bollox! B! B A N A N A S!!! B! BAMBOOZLED! B! Blow to American military and foreign policy credibility!!!


See you all next time when the show will be brought to you by the letter C! for CRAPOLA!

today's show is brought to you by the letter B


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