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sh!thawks...on parade: off he goes into the wild blue relativism

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I managed to actually finish everything I planned to do today. And I was all good and ready to let my brain turn off for a while and went to check out the 1-18-08 sites for any new tidbits on the movie when lo and behold i got sucked right back in to the social science world because of one picture. also because i just finished doing my readings for my methods course...

shall we observe then:

a movie site was made at and everyone wanted to know if it was fake or not. the very first picture on the site was a close up shot of a building in New York with some blueish haze to the left that everyone thought came from the monster in the movie. this website has now been unquestionably proven to be false. mostly because of the message posted on it that goes a lil sumfin like dis:

" went live on August 12, 2007. On September 6, 2007 someone finally figured out that the site was a not affiliated with 1-18-08. What does this prove? People will believe or disbelieve anything because they have an intense desire to do so. If you believe you're getting any information that hasn't been filtered through the cooperate censors, then you need to wake up and get a life. Best of luck to JJ Abrams and his crew, we're sure he will do well. Good luck to the rest of you in figuring out the 1-18-08 enigma, you are going to need it. People are homeless and starving in your own country. Thousands of people are dying in conflicts around the world each day. It's almost election year in the United States and you're pissing away countless hours on your computer searching for information about a movie production. Wake up and do something meaningful with your life! Quit living a false reality! You are accomplishing
nothing and all slaves to the fashion. Whether you believed this site was real or a fake and you're spending hours doing research, then you are a loser. So don't go patting yourselves on the back or we just might put up a few more of these sites to prove our point.
So long brother, Des"

ok, now this might have blown over quickly had someone not found out that the picture of the haze was actually taken from a shot of New York right after 9/11. notice the title asks ARE THEY AMERICAN? oh sweet jebus no! you mean an AMERICAN might actually use a picture of their own tragedy to point out that for all the talk of value shifts after 9/11 that nothing really changed at all? at this point, who cares if the people behind the site were American. it's irrelevant. If you're American and that message or that picture pisses you off then you shouldn't forget this, this or this either. you might want to pay special attention to the comments in that last one that show how far the U.S. has progressed in the abolition of racial prejudice.
were I currently being paid to offer my opinion, I'd probably go on much longer and in great detail about how this is essentially a good use of that picture in that it shows that there are individuals willing to knock down any artificial social boundaries created to make it taboo to speak ill of any misfortune to fall on the U.S. however, I'm not being paid and I don't want to spend that long talking about it so I'll only say two more things.
First, the retaliatory video posted in regards to the message and picture. I'm going to go ahead and say you could make that video in say fifteen or twenty minutes. I'm sure you're all aware of this thing we have called the internet. how much information do you think you could find in a solid twenty minutes about a matter of actual social importance other than a movie online? I bet you could find out at pretty much all of the big issues that will be heading into the primaries as well as background information on them that would give you a well rounded understanding of them.
Second, I think that a lot of people, especially US citizens, will interpret the fake site, message and picture as picking on them. Grow up. If your country decides it wants to ignore the advice of the global community, or more locally, treat Canada as a doormat in regards to natural resource acquisition, the lack of recognition of Canadian waters as sovereign territory, or slandering our government in your media as being socialist left wing nuts, then I think we pretty much have a right to piss you off. If you can't take it, don't deal it out all over the world. Also, even your pop culture needs a slap in the face sometimes to make it remember that it isn't actually the real world.

off he goes into the wild blue relativism


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