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i spent five hours today getting nicely acquainted with one of several rolling chairs in the MPP Student lounge doing readings. and by readings i mean readings AND practice math equations. yes. practicing. math. math i haven't seen since grade 12. math that i forgot existed. math that i quietly hurrah'd myself over when i suddenly remembered Mrs. Hallonquist's classes on linear equations. math that i was then assured by a second year MPP'er that i would learn all over and never use again.

and then after five hours of that, i walked up granville to golden age and picked up Wasteland: Cities in Dust Book 1 and came home and sat on the couch and read that.

and then i started to read an article by a guy from the U of T who thinks that an original work consists of basically rehashing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms into his own 'unique' idea of an 'Equal Opportunity Society'. Sorry, but arguing that your work is original when in fact it's entrenched in part of the Canadian constitution, in my mind, does not make for an impressive use of original thought. maybe pre 1982 it would be the most mind boggling thing in the world, but not so much anymore.

im pretty sure eight hours of reading on a saturday is unnatural, but whatever. i got what i planned to do done. even with the comic book break. hah.

you know it just occurred to me that i still haven't read Mostly Harmless...

have you seen the short, weird looking guy?


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