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fuck it, i finisehd my methods assignment so here's another one.

for all the climate change buffs news about record ice loss in the Northwest Passage was eclipsed by the admission by John Marburger, Bush's top science advisor, that cliamte change is more than %90 casued by human activity. This is another big slap in the face for an administration that continually rebukes mounting evidence that human activity is a major cause, and even had White House saff fix reports on greenhouse as emissions to make them seem less harmful than they really were.
Along with the acknowledgement by Marburger, Environment Canada earlier stated that mean summer temperatures throughout Canada are increasing in a manner consistent with predctions for climate change.
And aparently it's an urban legend that Bush doesn't consider climate change to be important. I'd have to say he thinks it's important because how else would he be able to argue that he thinks there is no concrete evidence to support it, or to promote 'clean' nuclear alternatives. I'm pretty sure that he's conviniently forgotten three mile island...

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