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it became insurmountably clear to me this morning just how high strung i am when my closet box thing again decided to collapse in front of me and i had to take a few deep breaths and tell myself not to put my foot through the wall. that and the lack of sleep and the nightmares this week. yeah. fun.
my dad keeps telling me i only have two months to go until I get to spend my time being stressed out in a whole different way that I actually enjoy, none of this hyppocritical "you need work life balance but come in every weekend and stay late all the time" horse shit. i fucking swear that the next person who tells me to pitter patter let's get at 'er im gonna rip off their fucking face and shit in the hole.
i have three days of work next week and then i get to take off and forget about all the bullshit for a week and hang out with cool peeps and chill out and have random fun and stay up all day and night and not have to think about waking up and going to somewhere i hate and have fun.
the last three canada day's ive worked, granted it was outside at night and i diiiiid get to watch the fireworks, but i was still working. i think it'll be a good swap this year to just sit there with someone and stare at explosions and feel good.'ll be fun to go have random fun at the Cambie tonight, but next week i get to it in a whole new place and make a whole bunch of new people go "what the fuck?" so yeah. it'll be fun.
oh, and if anyone has a closet to donate...

exit music


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