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sh!thawks...on parade: a great big mountain made o' moooon pies

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apparently i am allergic to the air in alberta now because im pretty sure the longest i went without sneezing great gobs of sneeze was about fifteen minutes.
by the by i kept that safety card so i would feel safe wherever i take it.
i'll put up real picture of weekend stuff later cause right now i want to ask something.
When did it become cool or fashionble to wear a zip up hoodie that's white base with randomly placed polka dots alllllllllllllll over it that look like the mid 90s just ate too much dayglo rainbow and fucking hurled all over a piece of fabric? i thought the world had moved on from polka dot door themed acid trip random patterns? no? well then, allow me to tip my new, very "driving around in a pickup in alberta wearing flanel and work boots" style, Budweiser hat at you.
here's something new i learned too; apparently when rugby players are in their early teens they think that jerking off in an airplane washroom counts as the milehigh club and then years later persist in telling this to all the other rugby player friends while waiting at the gait to get on the plane while passing around porn mags and making fun of Persians from Fort Mac. i did not know that. now i do. oh travelling, you have taught me so much information that will somehow never be used in any sort of intelligent way at all and for this i am greatful. espcially on the orient express 98 B line from richmond to downtown.
i picked up a copy of The Salmon of Doubt and it is awesome sauce. take Hitchikers and turn it into something tought provoking but written in the same way.
oh and perhaps one of the more important tips i learned this weekend...when attending a party for family members where guests will include not only old ladies but the occasional nurse who just started nursing and halfway through the party you finally manage to casually meander over to and start talking's important that before you leave for said party to througoughly inspect your nostrils for any rogue nose hairs that have suddenly decided to stick out visibly from your proboscus..probiscus...the thing you smell with. because if you dont and you do have a nice chat and then you get home and look in the mirror then you go "DAMN YOUS NOSE HAIR! DAAAAMN YOUS!!!" and then go find tweezers and by the by not the most pain free method of ridding yoruself of them.

a great big mountain made o' moooon pies


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