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you ever wonder about the simplicity of the stupidity of the world? and no, im not just saying that to use an alliteration.
i went to work this mornign feeling like crap. so i did my work and came home. while i was there i went down the kibbles and bits caf and got some Chartwell's craptastic food. on the elevator on the way up i looked at it and wondered how many people in the world couldnt afford seven bucks worth of food in a year. it's a big number so i didnt so much start counting as lose count right away.
so then you wonder, obviously socially beneficial thoughts run rampant through people's heads, which is why we have so much Bob Geldof and Bono on tv telling us to save people and then we nod our heads in agreement and say "oh what a terrible thing, hey i have an idea!"
and then our idea gets pushed to the wayside because we're stuck at our desks where our managers dont give a fuck about anything expcet next quarters results. Now think about how many people you know how have jobs that are really pointless and arent even make work jobs, they just exist because someone is too lazy to downsize. what woudl happen if all those pointless jobs were gone and in their place were ones that people could interact with the world more and actually get things done?
i totally just lost my train of thought. frick.
anyway...the simplicity of stupidity. it makes sense if you roll it around in your head, just how dumb people are about things that have simple solutions but for some reason we have to turn them into the most convoluted fucking connundrums ever and then look to people in positions of power who have no real way of solving things than pointing fingers and making weak promises.
then you wonder how many people had ways to actually solve something but ended up stuck somewhere that they cant make anything happen.
im pretty much horrified about thinking anyone would think i want to make a career out of this current desk jockey job. it's shocking how many people just decided to get a job and give up on trying to get out. excuse me but fuck no. i cant wait fucking long enough to get back to school and be able to apply real brain power to real problems that need real solutions, not 'well, we have this much volume of work but only this many people, how do we fix this?" seriously go swallow a fucking knife.
i really hate grad speeches cause they always suck and they're always about "we CAN make the changes if WE JUST TRY!" if they didnt suck so much i think more people would listen, cause it's true.
what am i getting at. i dont know, i just kind of blurped this out.
im going home this weekend for fathers day and for a retirement/grad party for my mom and sister. start the summer off with an end to something and a beggining to something else.
plus i get to shoot things full of holes and drive the truck around.

my life as presented by the Interweb, Trademark Al Gore


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