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sh!thawks...on parade: the calendar's run dry

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so when i dropped my laptop going through security, something made this little scratch on the monitor that looks like a little hair is stuck to it, but it won't go away and it's driving me nuts. also, our tree is physical proof that Jews and Christmas can decorate each other in harmony. Danielle, make sure you show that to your mom. yes, by heritage, no, there is no practicing of anything of any kind in our household ever. just in case you didn't know.

i had thought about hitting up the UofA tomorrow to get some work done, but it's sunday and it's fucking cold here and everything will be closed, so i'll either work here or at the library in some back corner or something. im getting bored of being bored, even if that's for like a day and a half and i'm starting to feel the 'need-to-get-work-done' brain itch.

i found $30 in dimes and quarters today. i also can't sleep in my room for the first week im here cause my sister is working nights and has to sleep in the basement so no one wakes her up during the day. so this means that i have to choose between watching tv, or sitting up here where there's actually a wireless signal, not both. if i could sleep in my room then i could do both at the same time cause this is the most random signal ever and for some reason it likes some rooms and not others and not necessarily in the way that you;d think a wireless signal would work. like, on the side of the house where i think it's coming from it's pretty good. in the middle, not so much. on the far side of the house away from where i think it's coming from, it's also pretty strong. its like the signal stops in the kitchen to take a break or something.

im glad that in suburbia people still have not learned to lock their networks down. the amily computer has a virus that they say they had taken off, but i should probably not forget to mention this tomorrow cause it's still there. thus is the genius thing when transfering files on a CF card from camera to family computer then to my mac. like, oh hey random siva.tmp file, im pretty sure you're that MSN virus aren't you? ah, too bad you can't hide on my computer. i think i'll just go ahead and throw you away.

i'd like to reiterate that TV here is complete shit. at least in Vancouver I can watch two different episodes of South Park or Futurama back to back on channels that are one number apart instead of watching the same single episode two hours apart on hugely different channels. but i guess that's ok cause OMNI just started here apparently, so it's only a matter of time before the whole schedule changes.

ah, and of course where would i be without mentioning AHAHAHAH OILERS WIN IN A SHUTOUT AHAHAHAHA TOLD YOU YOU'D GO DOWN TONIGHT BITCH! also, yeah, on Wednesday, same thing.

the calendar's run dry


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