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so i walk into the lab this morning and lo and behold there's a BRAND NEW STAPLER sitting up on the shelf at the back of the room.

yes. in my program we get excited over working staplers.

i was in the lab for about 8 hours today. i didnt accomplish what i had set out to do mostly because while i did finish tallying another hospital, the ethics forms took up way more time to fill out than I thought they would.

plus there was the whole, watching the US VP debate...

ok, here's why i didnt watch the Canadian debate, im not voting for any of the leadership candidates, and i dont feel that the format they decided on with the round table discussion is condusive to being really informative. if it was anything like yesterdays french debate, it was most likely a free for all. and while yes, the economy is definitely an important issue, in a 90 minute debate using a full hour of it dedicated to a singular issue doesn't sit right with me. i'd have been much more willing to watch the Canadian debate if the format had gone something like a half hour for each of the economy, the environment and health.

i think a sad fact about most Canadian voters is that they actually think the party leaders are solely responsible for the development of their respective party's policies and platforms. in actuality it's the little bobbing heads behind closed doors that come up with them and hand the papers to the guys in front of the cameras. this is why i dont base my vote on who the leader of a party is.

there was one question in the US debate that I think should have been asked of all the leaders in the Canadian one; what promises in your platforms are you not going to keep?

In this instance Biden was completely forthcoming about what they would take out, while Palin was off in her own little Darn Maverick world Joe. im not sure any of the Canadian leaders would have actually admitted to takign any part of their platforms out but it would have been interesting nonetheless.

during the last federal election i had a green party membership. i bought a year's membership. they still think im a member. they phoned me last week about support and i answered with "i let my membership to the Green party expire, and I will be voting for the individual whose policies and platform I feel will best support and serve the members of the constituency in which I live and not be based on a party leader in whose riding I do not currently reside." green party people on the phone are funny when you answer like that because they get all grumbly as though they can't think of something suitable to say in response.

so far I know im not voting Tory because their tax measures will necessarily result in program cuts to social programs, and I'm not voting Green because their economic policies aren't very sound. Give the Greens another few years to work out the kinks in their platform and they'l have a good shot. Toss up between Liberal and NDP.

im going to go eat brownies now.

dont park if you cant fuck


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