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you know what i find a turnoff? Uggs. i dont understand how chicks think Uggs look good, because they look like really bad slippers. if youre a girl, and you wear uggs, please dont take offence, but really, they aren't that flattering. im pretty sure somewhere out there in the thousands of shoe stores that exist ther has to be some warm shoes that dont look like you wrapped a towel around your feet and walked out of your house. footwear that flows and flatters Good, big ugly fabric boot things, Bad.


we had our hockey pool draft tonight. I'd say i have a fair chance at the top four. keep in mind i was 9th out of 11 people. we totally thought more first years would show and make thingsmore interesting, but sadly, they have continued to disappoint in the Hanging Out With the Cool Year thing.

i cant remember the exact order i picked in cause i split my list by position and not by round...

Lundqvist, Chara, Souray, Heatley, St. Louis, Nash, Jokinen, Toews, Tanguay and Sam Gagner.

a 509 message for a blog should have a laugh track. like on a sitcom when they have that laugh when someone does something you know they shouldnt do but they go ahead and do it anyway in a way that's just oh so funny? yeah that kind.

there were only three of us rocking jerseys for the pool tonight. Oilers, Canucks and Leafs. after class today i walked in to the lab to check the address of the pub again and there were like 7 or 8 of the first years sitting in there discussing econ and as soon as i walked in they all looked up, stared and went dead silent. so i was like "why did you all go dead silent" and one girl was like "it was because of your jersey" and i was like "yah it's prety awesome isnt it?"

true story.

i have to meet with the lady who's going to help me organize the photo exhibition tomorrow. looks like it'll happen in January sometime, so i have plenty of time to prep stuff for it.

i also did not know that chocolate whipped cream in a can was not new.

hi floor, make me a sandwich


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