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sh!thawks...on parade: i thought of a quirky title

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today my mail consisted of a brown box, the contents of which were not brown at all. coupled with the awesome new Rocky gloves i picked up today with Mossy Oak Break Up pattern on them, im ready to 'shoot' some wildlife. hah. punny.
Realtree can suck it. Mossy Oak totally rules the world of cammo.
i think this semester is going by far too quickly. next wednesday i fly home for thanksgiving. it seems way too soon for that to be happening so where the fuck did september go?
next week we have to submit the first chunk of our capstone to our thesis supers. so today i sat in the lab and hammered out my comparative metropolitan governance presentation for next week so i dont have to do it this weekend and can instead work on my capstone.
i need a new book to read on the toilet.
today i overheard one of the first years commenting on the days financial meltdown saying something along the lines of "good thing we signed up to be in the public sector and not the private" and i thought "shit, is that what i really signed up for?" and then i mulled and pondered and still am to an extent about going all out for those federal servant jobs that lots of people get when they hit the exit door of this program.
if you'd asked me a year or two ago if i'd like to move back to ottawa i would have said yes. if you asked me now, i'd probably say no. last week in my cities class, my prof asked us if anyone identifies themselves as Vancouverites before Canadians. no one said yes, but not everyone is from vancouver anyway. i know i've always had this thing where i identify as Albertan over much anything else, but i think i can say that at this point i'd be proud to identify myself as a Vancouverite. I'm not an expert on the city by far but i dont think that matters. i doubt a lot of people are. chad once asked me if i thought of Vancouver as home. i think i said something along the lines of home is whereever i feel comfortable. so yes, now i'd say that Vancouver is home.
However, i will still hang up my Alberta flag right next to my Oilers penants because it's the right thing to do.

i thought of a quirky title


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