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you know what s a good song? Hymn of the Big Wheel by Massive Attack. actually Massive Attack in general is pretty fucking good. it's good music to work to or chill out to or whatever.

i finished tallying the first bunch of my surveys. 12 surveys took a combined 8 hours give or take a half hour. that leaves 55 more to tally. then i get to go through all the data even more and more and more and more and more and more......and more. you get the idea.

i dont generally like to work at home. i could, but i never feel as productive at home as i do in the lab. not that's it's much of a lab... more like a room with a bunch of PCs running windows 2000 and far too many rolling chairs. i could even manage to get more work done at home than here and i'd still like i was less productive.

last year i had a general rule that i'd work here until 6 as often as possible. im going to shoot for the same this year. i also have this rule that if you're not up and awake and doing something by 11am, then you've pretty much written the day off. i know that seems kind of stupid given the fact that there are a lot more hours left in the day, but i've had that idea for years and i stick to it.

given the fact that i spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in the lab at school, it also means that i get to partake in the awesome tradition of having dinner to go from the chinese fast food place in the food court. fuck. yes. today i went for the chow mein, the dry pork and the lemon chicken. when i said lemon chicken the lady who owns the place got this HUGE smile on her face and was like "ooooh yes, lemon chicken, very good choice, is very good, i like very much!" damn straight it is. ok, for some odd reason i remember once when i was a kid my family went out for dinner at this chinese restaurant called the Blue Lotus and we ordered lemon chicken and I thought it was probably the greatest thing in the world next to kraft dinner with hotdogs and ketchup in it (come on, you know it's true) but for some reason after that night whenever we'd go out for chinese food lemon chicken would never ever be ordered. and i have no idea why, but ever since then, i've held this strange fascination with lemon chicken at chinese food restaurants. i dont even order it all the time, but i HAVE to check the menu to see if it's there. i have no idea why. but seriously, chinese fast food lemon chicken? totally for the fucking win. we also never went back to that restaurant ever. we switched to the Ginger Beef House. which was awesome as well, but then we stopped going there for some reason and switched to a choice of either Doan's or The Noodle Noodle. considering one is a vietnamese restaurant only one of them has lemon chicken on the menu, and it's never been ordered...SO WEIRD.

ok, im going to finish putting the demographic data in excel for these next ten surveys then im gonna header cause i have to go get my playstation back from chad.

it's like that Dotminatrix printer paper


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