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sh!thawks...on parade: singing on a double decker burger

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a bunch of us went to a french bistro for brunch today and it was awesome and i ordered everything in french and the lady who owns and runs the place was like "you're from Canada, are you from Qu├ębec?" so i said no and then she's like "oh but yu sound lyke yu ar from zer!" anyway, she was super nice to us all and im totally going back at some point cause the food was fucking stellar.
then that turned into an impromptu shopping day and then a movie night with Death at a Funeral which is also awesome.
i finally found a belt i like cause i wanted a fabric belt and i found one so now i have it. i looked at some ties but none of them impressed me much. and i got this tiny little camera tripod that will fit in my pocket and is just what i need for rooftop shots.
this post brought to you by Malaysian Twix bars and Aarong curd yogurt.

singing on a double decker burger


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