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sh!thawks...on parade: hole sellers of fyne goods

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i was standing up on the roof earlier in the rain for about an hour with Bimala watching a bunch of guys try to pry the concrete mixer they'd managed to let slip into a ditch back on to the road.
while i was standing up there, in the balmy temperature and the warm rain, I thought, 'this is way more fun than sitting in an office all summer.'
now im snacking on some pretty much delicious chanachur (like their version of trail mix) and waiting for some coffee to finish being made.
we get May Long here too apparently. tomorrow we have no classes, so I only have two days of teaching this week, which means I have more time to sit down and make some phone calls to health offices around the city.
we were going to play frisbee, but then it started to rain. but that's ok.

also, I guess I should catch up on some comment responses so...

- bacon
- HP sauce is like a drug
- no, you can take the albertan out of alberta, but you can't take the meat away from an albertan
- they don't have exotic here, just ones that make you shit a lot
- im pretty sure SARS would die here from the heat

blogger was being stupid about pictures, so only this one today.

hole sellers of fyne goods


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