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so i picked up a nice pair of charcoal pinstripe pants. i was a little disappointed they didnt have a matching jacket cause it's would have looked pretty bitchin'.

however, even more importantly than the fact that I paid an incredibly small amount for some incredibly nice pants, i found HP STEAK SAUCE. hoooooooooly fuck i am going to put it on EVERYTHING. i mean, i enjoy curry and dahl and marsala but FUCKIN STEAK SAUCE PWNS ALL OTHER SAUCES.

i just thought i'd share my excitement about steak sauce for a moment given that good cuts of meat here are basically unknown. a cut of meat here basically entails a guy with a cow taking a big fucking knife and hacking away at it until he hands you a chunk. really, it anyone who appreciates a nice tenderloin would be in pain.


steak sauce.

also, in the HIMYM context, STEAK SAUCE.

im on my way, i dont know where im going


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