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when the power isnt out here, we have one room in our flat with AC. dan leaves his door open all day and i go in and turn the sucker on high and it cools the whole place down. when it works.
when we first got here, the temperature in here hovered around a constant 32. that was back when 32 was oppressively hot.

earlier i fell asleep on the couch before dinner. when i woke up i was chilly enough to want to put on a shirt, even if it is probably the lightest shirt i have here... i figured that the AC must have dropped the temperature wayyyyyyyyyy down to make me actually feel chilly here.

then i checked the temperature.

28 degrees.

yes. i have reached that point where 28 degree heat feels like 15 degrees.

ooh, and i have just noticed a baby tik-tik on the wall a bit above my head. tik-tiks are little geckos that apparently eat the bugs, but i havent seen them each sweet fuck all yet. the ants in here eat way more. yesterday i found some ants eating the remains of a cockroach.

so, back to the 28 degrees. im totally going to freeze when i get back to vancouver in august. people there were bitching about it hitting 30 the other day. HAH. I wish it were that cool. actually, it's not so bad. i think im used to it now. i can walk around without feeling like the air is trying to cook my brain.

ok, going to sleep now. the rest of you have the whole day left. btw, tomorrow looks warm, so your yesterday should be nice.

i let you win


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