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sh!thawks...on parade: this one has a cage

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maggie and i went down to Gulshan today to hand in the necesarry photocopies for our Canada Club memberships. then she jumped in the pool for a bit and i threw some basketballs. apparently flying to the other side of the planet doesn't help already sad skills.

i bought a silk kurta today. it's like a really light v neck pullover.

we have a new weapon in the battle against Roach Kind. one of the cats upstairs likes to catch them and bite their heads off. also, taping the cupboard shut seems to help a bit.

i missed a big party for danielle's parents 25th anniversary yesterday. congrats to them, boourns to missing tons of food...

i bought some bowls for upstairs, coz up til this point dinner has been served in a variety of plastic containers, and I figured, at least we could have some real serving bowls.

everyone here chips in a bit for things they think would be helpful. it's pretty cool.

anyway, power's out again, so I'm off to the roof where it's hopefully cooler.

this one has a cage


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