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sh!thawks...on parade: i hope that was thr surge protector

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im rocking the internet cafe because thats apparently the only stable way of using an internet connection here. even then, it's like PAINFULLY SLOW.
seriously, i wanted to upload some pictures, but im afraid i'll break the network if I try.
im learning how to be an english teacher. i have to teach grammar. i fucking hate grammar, so i turned it into a debate class today instead. actually we have two sections, 6 classes per section and now since we got the shaft from this bitch of an administrator, we have 50 students in each, so she totally fucked us on the agreement our profs made with her.
other than that.... it's cool. it's still hot and humid as hell, but the people are nice, its fun, you always see something new, every day you lament the lack of email.
we have this happy little group of volunteers and a few nursing students all living in two flats, and we're like this little family thing kind of. it's fun. last night during the power outage we went up to the roof and i brought up my mac and educated them on Simon & Garfunkle and stuff.

i miss hot showers, which is odd here considering you'd never want anything but a cold one.

i miss having a real toilet. my toilet is a squatter shitter. im gonna have abs of steel just from taking a dump.

apparently there are ants in my room. or bed bugs. something that bites. im gonna find the little fuckers and kill em all.

i invented the game of Roachkey. its like hockey but you have to kill the puck first.

so, in hong kong i bought a nikon D200 and two lenses, and here I bought a new phone. which apparently I can use for a bluetooth modem. i set that up today, have yet to try it though...

you can live on practically fuck all for money here.

i bought some shirts and two sets of lungi for like 40$.

i havent worn socks since I got here. on that note, because it's so hot, i've also not worn underwear pretty much all the time i've been here. COMMANDO OR NO GO!

watch i'll have some fucking bug decide that's a good way to bite me.

tomorrow im starting my research.

oh, and, the weekends here are Friday and Saturday. yeah. think about that.

ok, next time, i'll try for some pictures.

i hope that was thr surge protector


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