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sh!thawks...on parade: the same thing only sped up

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one paper left and i'll be done the semester more or less. one intersession course before heading off to the Desh. tomorrow, tickets, visas, itineraries.

i finished my taxation paper faster than i'd planned which left me plenty of time to take a walk and take more pictures. deadfall is brilliant. uprooted trees, stumps, forests, they're a masterpiece of nature. it's easy to walk fifty feet through the trees and completely forget that there are four million other people around. i never listened to any music taking pictures today. an oddity, but for the best i think.

i've gotten to know my camera pretty well, i know what it does and does not like. my camera likes trees. my camera likes things just the right distance away. sometimes it likes to go in for closeups, sometimes it likes to take in the whole scene. most of the time, it knows just what it wants.

here's an intriguing fact about today's tree session: it took me about two hours to realize I hadn't yet actually looked up. there was so much storyline going on ground level that it wasn't until I happened to catch a bald eagle flying by out of the corner of my eye and followed it did I look up.

there are things in life that just make you stop and look and think to yourself, wow, that's probably one of the most impressive things I've ever seen, and for the life of you, you just have to stop taking pictures and you're not sure why but you keep walking around in a marveled sort of daze with a goofy look on your face staring at the wide wonders.

I rarely take pictures with other people on these walks. if it's an organized photowalk, then yeah, but that's not the same. you don't have the same sort of freedom to just follow your feet in a group or if you have to wait for someone.

the one downside to this is a self timer. ten seconds is not enough time for this sort of stuff. when you have ten seconds to run like hell over thirty feet of dead branches, wood chips, rocks, dirt and whatever else there is and then turn around, get your bearings, position yourself and strike some kind of pose, ten seconds, cuts it close.

i can fly.

the same thing only sped up


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