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sh!thawks...on parade: the Do's and Don't of zuppa

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dont you love it when you're stricken with those nasty bugs that decide to go throw every possible symptom you can think of in the span of one or two days? i think this one has a propensity to move along with gravity. i offer proof. yesterday morning it started with my head, moved down to the throat, next to sneezing, next to cough, next to stomach and most recently has decided to settle in my GI tract. and this never results in anything other than discomfort and open windows.
were i to have some herbal remedy in my possession, then yes, I most likely would have injested it in one of many ways already, but unfortunately i don't, so i'm stuck with advil and gravol.
i dont really like to go beyond advil and gravol for most things. i dont really like going to the doctors, and im a firm believer that orange juice and vitamin C can cure most of what ails you.
i finished another final paper today. that leaves one 6 page econ assignment, and a ten page Poli paper left and that's the first year under my belt. one coop term and eight months to go and im out in the world with a Masters and i'll probably still be scratching my head wondering what to do.
mym mom asled me a few days ago what I wanted to do when I was done. i told her i didn't know, i'll worry about that when i have to. to which she replied "so, in 18 months." i couldn't really think of anything to say to that.
i dont like to use proper grammar or stuff on here a lot. i do enough of that already. i can get the point across without capitalization. or commas. or semi colons. you get the point. probably the most redundant sentence ever written on here.
im also a big fan of duct tape. just thought id throw that out there.
raul is planning a fotowalk apparently at some point. yes. i dont know when. when i find out i'll probably go and not work on a paper and take lots of pictures and meet some more new people because that's always fun.
when i woke up this morning the first thing i thought, after that first thought about why is there a vacuum running in my kitchen and then sort of falling back to sleep for an hour, was 'i thought i had A Clockwork Orange...where did my Clockwork Orange go?"

the Do's and Don't of zuppa


Blogger Krista said...

Sick because of stress much? But it's that time of year for students you know it's coming but it's hard to prepare when you're turning out papers like a human machine.

Vitamins, soup, and a break will do you good.

5:52 AM  

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