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sh!thawks...on parade: no no, dont take your pants off

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id managed to fend off any germs pretty well up until yesterday and then some sneaky little bastard dug himself in to the trenches. luckily i caught him early on with a barrage of juice, vitamin c and nyquil. his days are numbered.

i think one of these days im going to do a huge cleanup around here and just get rid of all the random shit i keep around that just takes up space. case in point, the ever growing pile of books, clothes and odds and end that were sitting on my dresser that's now sitting in yet another pile on my bed cause i forgot what was in there. it'll probably end right back on top of the dresser later because i wont be able to put it anywhere else.

i keep thinking it's tuesday. but it's not.

no no, dont take your pants off


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