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sh!thawks...on parade: what in the hell is pate?

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i went to see a redgrass show at Rime on the Drive with my friend who works for the CBC.

it spoke to my inner hick.

i havent been to a bluegrass show in over a year and it was well worth it.

go vote for raymi because it's the right thing to do.

so im standing up against the bar there, perched if you will, and i have my army green shoulder bag that my sister brought me back from china. the maoist one. the place was really busy and loud so there were people walking by every few seconds or so. in front of me is this table of four asian ladies. they look over and my friend and i see them looking. one of them motions to me, so i lean over and she's like "hey where did you get that bag?" so i say "my sister got it for me in china." and then she's about to say something else but then about five or six people decided to walk by and get in the way so she's bouncing around in her seat trying to look past them, so after they all go by i again lean over and she leans up and her friends lean in on the table to listen, and im thinking "who knew you could get four ladies attentions with a green bag?" and then, with a look of pseudo concern, shes like "you should be careful with that bag, you know? it could really offend some people."

um. yeah... so i thought "um...yeah...and this is why they're $4 in chinatown..."

so im like "i know what it is, and i know what it means." and i lean back against the bar. my friend leans over and he's like "who knew you could pick up with a shoulder bag!" so i said "no, they said it would offend chinese people." "what?" "yeah." "wow" "yeah".

and that's that.

what in the hell is pate?


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