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sh!thawks...on parade: they did the mash

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two hundred pictures are a lot to go through. it seems kind of a shame that i dont actually have anymore pictures of the HST costume, but i know there are people who have some somewhere...

anyway, making a wardrobe change simply because you buy Pilsner has to be the best thing ever.

also, i rule the headbanger costume. and yes, i ripped up that shirt, and yes, i ripped up those jeans to make them metal appropriate. when i was making the shorts i had this moment where i thought 'these jeans cost $129 two years ago...meh' mostly cause they had holes in them and paint on them and were pretty much work jeans now anyway. now they can work at ROCKING THE FUCK OUT!

it was fun have people recognize both costumes too. all day people would look at the HST one and just go "dude, nice." oh i know, i know.

and then later it was pretty much the greatest thing ever when people would look at jordan and i with the pilsner and be like "hey terry and dean!"

good times. and now i will go watch some south park and then i will get back to working on a presentation that we've been working on since 10 am.

k bye.

they did the mash


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