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alright, so we all know that the Tories are shitting on the Kyoto Protocol for what they call their own more realistic made in Canada approach that we've all heard absolutely nothing about.

well, i have a suggestion for them:

Tell Lawrence Cannon to tell his ministry to stop blocking sales of a made in canada approach to combating CO2 emissions through vehicle use.

Zenn has posted a petition to have all Provinces adopt legislation to adopt Low-Speed Vehicle regulations so their vehicles can actually make it into the hands of Canadians.

This is probably something that major urban centers should also be looking at. These vehicles are small, quiet, clean, and require no modifications to any infrastructure to work. Seriously, who cares if they only go 40km/h. if you're in downtown Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, where ever, you don't need to be going balls out in an SUV.

if the Tories can't won't do anything to promote a Canadian company that's selling their cars around the world, and has proven they're worth it, then the Opposition parties should be pounding on John Baird's door about it. though that probably won't do much good anyway, considering he pretty much ignores expert opinions given to him face to face.

seeing as how after i finish my master's i'll most likely be living in a major urban center, this is definitely an option that i would look to for vehicle use. that is, if we can get our government to let us buy them instead of seeing more blinged out H2's hogging the road.

and then the past recedes


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