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sh!thawks...on parade: blarg must mean apples!

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it's pretty much official. i have no life anymore. for a while now. i get up on weekends and actually plan to go to school to sit in a windowless room, sit in front of computers, and type for hours. and then repeat during the week.

so now i've been sitting in here for a few hours looking up research on low income cutoffs and poverty rate trends in quebec and somehow suggest policy alternatives to tackle patterns in low income families.

le woot?

there's also no one else around to randomly bust into random 80s dance moves to Flock of Seagulls like the other day.

oh yes. that's right. i ran. i ran so far away.

if anyone wants to come have an 80s dance party with me in here, please don't listen to your inner voice of niceness. this place will trap you with it's windowless land of rolling chairs and endless banks of computers.

or because you really shouldn't come to school on a weekend. seriously. doing that on a regular basis can result in trying out for Canadian Idol.

blarg must mean apples!


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