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im tired. ive been tired all day. to the point where i'll put my head down and suddenly i's an hour later. not conducive to getting things done, but i think if im that tired it cant be helped. im not sucking back a redbull at 10pm.

i was going through the folder where i keep stuff i've written. there's about a hundred in there plus however many in the little books i have tucked away i havent typed up yet.

it's kind of odd how i cant remember what i had for dinner two days ago but i can read something i wrote four years ago and remember exactly where i was, what mood i was in and why i wrote it...

A length of hall

Seen at a distance that is

Never expanding but,

It is growing longer

So far from family so far from-

From something in the past

And he sits in a chair

And he types at a keyboard

Click click click

Writing without watching

What is he writing?

He writes without seeing

Turns his head to look

Look upon the long hall

And sees the lights in the ceiling

That extend down the tile

And watches the Exit sign

Glow dully without anyone watching

And he turns back to the screen

And writes about being alone.

rez in ottawa. mellow. most of the people on the floor were out drinking. one per page, i've got like a 200 page book sitting in boxes in little pieces. imagine how that conversation would go... "hey, so how'd you pay for tuition?" "oh you know, angsty teens bought my book." ...after that im not really sure how that conversation would go...

it would need pictures too.

youre cool like Pam Bundy


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