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i was reading some of the comments about the throne speech off the cbc website.


you know what an inherent irony is in an electoral system like canada's? stupid people can vote.

like angry Man from QC:

"every able body from 18 to 55 year old should be put to force labour until they decide to integrate our society as usefull citizens like most of us...I am very tired of spending my money so I can look upon a bunch of retarted dead beat cashing there welfare checks on the 1st of each month so they can hurry to the corner store and buy booze....If foreigners come here to live then they made a choice of accepting our culture and leaving their idiotic religious/cultural beliefs at the border"
or Ray from Beaconsfield:

"leave the 'global warming / climate change' junk science rants to the lunatic fringe...Eliminate funding for all 'special interest' groups...Eliminate all foreign aid, except for natural disasters...Draw a final line in the sand on 'aboriginal issues'. Everyone is either Canadian with the rights and privileges attendant to that status or they are not"
and of course Abbots-biblebelt-ford Russ:

"Reversing the steady flow of our Country toward moral separation so that we move back toward THE universal moral truth...It's common misconception that what's morally "right" is whatever works for you. WRONG! There is ONE UNIVERSAL moral truth, and denying it carries serious penalties past this can't really avoid Christian principles when speaking about right and wrong"
I bet Russ is friends with Chris Neil.

it's kind of frightening to think that people like this think that these are entirely rational beliefs that would actually benefit Canadians.

Dear Angry Right Wing Nutcases,

I believe firmly that you have exercised your Constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech. I know that like all Canadians, you want to see a land of freedom, happiness, low tax, and where at least two of you don't have to worry about walking into a 7-11 and see an East Indian behind the counter which surely makes you go fucking crazy, sorry it's called multiculturalism and it's also a law you bigoted fucks. I know you just want to live happily ever after among your Godsquad and Climate Change denying friends and cast a blind eye to rational thought and a push for action to promote a healthy environment.

Oh, I think you must be in the wrong country, I think you mean you want to live in Texas.

Kindly get the fuck out of Canada and go somewhere where no one will have to listen to your ridiculous demands ever again. And when you have a nice little conclave of people with no social assistance, cancer from pollution and a church on every block, please only come back if you can leave your idiotic religious and cultural beliefs at the door.

K Thnx.

burnt city embers


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