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sh!thawks...on parade: she'll infect you with spite and strep throat

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nothing like coming home from a long day ready to clean up the giant pile of clothes on your floor and throw them in the wash only to find the washer and dryer already in use.

a bunch of us tried watching question period today, but the cpac website sucks balls for high volume of traffic and kept kicking us off and when it wasnt doing that it could only weakly loop the first minute and a half of Dion's speech. lametastic.

that audi R8 is still at pacific center and now there's a video terminal to go along with it. really, the video is trivial, you need only gaze upon the awesomeness of it to know that it's that cool on it's own.

im supposed to get a week off next week. here's what that really means:

them: "you guys get a week off next week."

us: "woot!"

them: "now have this assignment handed in on this day, this one this day, get this group project finalized and approved on this day, read these, write this this and this, redo that, meet here for extra stuff, and dont forget to relax!"

us: " air canada have a seat sale on?..."

she'll infect you with spite and strep throat


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