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dear Bell Mobility Customer Service:

Fuck You.


Your customer thinking about switching to Rogers.

P.S. Where the fuck do you get off having a rep tell me I can't end the conversation saying "thank you very much, I'll be phoning back tomorrow after I go ask some questions at Rogers."

on an entirely different, let sometimes no less agitating note, the PM is doing a dance! or, since most of them are old, they'll be doing what is conveniently known as Sometimes Senior Shuffle Shake

Ok, first question: why no backbenchers being promoted? at least to junior minister? you assholes did it with Peter Van Loan and you seem to think it worked out fine. Except for the fact that he's pretty much a Republican.
Alright, I have to agree with some of these swaps so let's take a looksee...

Stockwell Day as Defence Minister.... no....Creationists don't end wars, they start them.
Jim Prentice as Defence Minister I could live with.
Maxime Bernier would probably do a good job, the only issue there would be that if the Tories approved spending on equipment that could have been built in quebec but they outsourced they'll hit a snag of angry french folk ready to throw the poutine.
I heard rumblimgs that Harper was going to move Mackay out of Foreign Affairs cause he wasn't happy with how he was handling it. MAAAYBE IF YOU LET HIM DO HIS JOB INSTEAD OF BRINGING THE ENVIRONMENT MINISTER TO MEET FOREIGN HEADS OF STATE IT WOULD HELP I DONT KNOW JUST TOSSING THAT OUT THERE.
Rona Ambrose. Rona, Rona, Rona. think of how fun it would be to get out of politics and be a spokeswoman for Rona and even if you dont think it's fun im pretty sure most of the electorate would have no problem with that. and who the hell make her president of the Privy Council? you dont put a useless minister in a position that only makes her more useless.
John Baird. you know he's not going anywhere. he should. Put Tony Clement there because he's not as big a jackass bureaucrat.
Bev Oda. just get rid of her. she cant speak either official language in any coherent capacity. listening to her speak is like listening to the worst monotone university prof youve ever had who comes from an Eastern Bloc country who hasnt mastered his randomly switching to his native language in the middle of lecture.
Also not too keen on keeping Jason Kenney in as Secretary of State for Multiculturalism.
Peter Van Loan is a loudmouth but i'll admit he was a good political choice tactically because he knows all the obscure House rules and likes to yell a lot.
Give Chuck Strahl Public Safety. Chuck Strahl is cool.
and make Monty Solberg Minister of Justice.

and then please, lose the next election k thanks.

something on any other day


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