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lookit me hard at work i the library with one textbook almost done only twoooooo chapters to go and my brains hurts. i found one of the econ textbooks i need and when i picked it up it didnt look that bad and then i discovered that it's full of very very very very very very thin pages.
i also neglected to think about brining any food. so there's that. so i might actually head home and finish the two chapters there where i do have food and a chair that is actually comfortable. plus i did find three books i need and i did manage to already get through two other chapters.
so there are all these 'quiet please, study area' signs around. i think i have the best area cause the sign here says 'quiet please, stud area'. that's hella cool.
thats right. i busted out the hella.
ok, my stomach has decreed that i return home from when i came this morning and prep it some damn leftovers that i can fill it with whilst i complete this book.



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