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you know what's totally awesome in a 'this is a pain in the ass and annoying as fuck' kind of way? when you go to two university libraries and they're accompanying bookstores, and a three story Chapters trying to find books you need and they're either taken out, missing, not in stock or out of print. yeah.

ENTER THE GREATNESS OF AMAZON! seriously, i probably just bought $700 worth of textbook for like $140. sweet dealio.

i made a killer meat sauce with shell pasta tonight. yi hong said i should have stuffed each shell individually. but then the first one fell on the table so that kaiboshed that idea. and i put one shallot in it and now i smell like onion. fuck...i SMELL LIKE A UKRAINIAN!

i still need to get the whole home network allowing my macbook on thing sorted out otherwise it pretty much plays dvds til i go somewhere with wifi. like tomorrow when i visit the library at main and hope to god they have a few of the books i didnt have to buy online in.

i was going to do a long winded rant about the return of the Rhino Party today but i forgot after running around looking for books and safeway and laundry and stuffing things and whatnot.

i'll have some more time to think it over at work because i really think that this is sort of a two edged sword dealing with the canadian electoral system. on the one hand, you have the leader of the RP saying that the current Elections Canada mandates are discriminatory against those who can't afford the $1000 party reg fee, a claim he argues is unconstitutional. i think in this respect i would have to agree seeing as how electoral reforms after the 1993 election pretty much made it impossible for fledgling parties to register as official federal parties ($1000 leadership reg fee and running candidates in at least 50 ridings). seeing as how Section 3 of our very own Charter of Rights says that we all have the right to vote and to be qualified for membership in a legislative assembly, and makes no mention that this membership be cost related I have to agree. If these changes had been made prior to 1993 i doubt the Reform or BQ would have even been able to attain official party status.
However, much as I agree that the Rhino party merits a chance in the by election, and in doing so providing a sort of serious comedic critique of the current state of the democratic system, the Rhino Party does detract in some ways from serious engagement of the public in matters that concern their everyday lives. if you consider the fact that during the 1980s the Rhino party actually outpolled the PC's in several ridings in Quebec, one has to wonder if Canadians would rather give a helping hand to the systematic mockery and deconstruction of a fundamental right instead of using it as an opportunity to actually take stock of the current state of the Canadian electoral and democratic systems and suggesting much needed changes. After all, that's what the public is for isn't it? isnt the public the body with the responsibility to hold our leaders and representatives accountable and not let unbalanced party members do their thinking for them?


lost my train of thought...gonna turn on some tenacious d now.

oh shit there's a bear, would you hand me that shotgun?


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